History & Government of Frederick

History of Frederick, Oklahoma:
Originally established in 1901, the Frederick area was among the last of the Oklahoma Territory Land to be opened to settlement.  What isnow Frederick used to be two towns: Gosnell and Hazel.  Both towns were established in 1901 when the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache reservation was opened to settlement. In 1902 the towns combined in order to take advantage of the Blackwell, Enid and SouthernRailroad. The town was named Frederick after the son of a railroad executive. Gosnell received the depot, and the residents of Hazel moved north to the new town of Frederick. In 1962 a flagpole was erected in Pioneer Park, fulfilling the agreement between Gosnell, Hazel and the railroad.

In the spring of 1905, President Teddy Roosevelt visited Frederick to meet with Jack Abernathy, the famed barehanded wolf hunter, and introduced the area to tourism and its recreational value. In 1907 the City of Frederick was incorporated, Oklahoma became a state and the Katy Railroad came to Frederick. By 1915, Frederick had 15 miles of sidewalks and crossings, and 75 miles of wide, graded, rolled streets. The first paved streets were laid in 1918.

During World War II, Frederick was the site of the last B-25 training base. In 1953, the base was turned over to the City of Frederick, and is now the Frederick Municipal Airport and Industrial Park.

Government of Frederick, Oklahoma:
Frederick has a City Manager/Council type of government. There are five councilpersons, one from each of the wards and one at large position. Our current City Manager is Kyle Davisand the Mayor is Kevin Ouellette Sr. Members of the City Council include: Jim Ard, Chris Cole, Kevin Ouellette Sr. and Gary McCormack.

Both may be reached at Frederick City Hall. 

Frederick City Hall
300 West Grand Avenue
P.O. Box 399
Frederick, Oklahoma 73542
Phone 580.335.7551

Government of Tillman County, Oklahoma:
Tillman County has three County Commissioners: Roger Hoover, District 1; Joe Don Dickey, District 2 and Levi Krasser, District 3. County officers include: Bill Ingram, Sheriff; Matthew H. Smith, County Assessor; Cacy Caldwell, County Clerk; Julie Garza, County Treasurer and Kevin Stevens, Court Clerk.
All may be reached at the Tillman County Courthouse or https://tillman.okcounties.org/
Tillman County Courthouse
201 North Main Street
Frederick, OK 73542
Phone 580-335-3421