Lake Frederick

Park Ranger: Keith Thomas| (580) 335-1553
12 Miles North of Frederick; 5 Miles East of Manitou


Lake Frederick is the perfect spot to find a beautiful, peaceful oasis away from all of the stresses and responsibilities of work and life. Here are just a few suggests of how you can unwind at the lake:

*Boating-With 1 boat dock and 2 boat ramps, Lake Frederick makes it very simple to get your boat in and out of the water.  The docks are also handicap accessible, ensuring everyone the opportunity to have a fun experience.

*Fishing-Lake Frederick is full of an assortment of fish.  Take a load off your feet as you catch Walleye, Catfish, Bass, Crappie, and Perch.

*Hunting-Because of its remoteness to the city, Lake Frederick is a perfect place to hunt duck, quail, dove, wild hogs, deer, and other critters.  $2/day or $50/year with license. (Licenses available at 183 Flat Country Store in Frederick or at

*Camping-Not only does Lake Frederick have the most beautiful stars in the southwest, but it is also a very safe camping area as well.  The campgrounds include a Lake Ranger, Campsite Host, and Storm Shelter to ensure everyone’s safety!  Other amenities include:

Specific camping costs are as follows:

Discounts are also offered for special groups, military, or city employees.

*Hiking-Lake Frederick has many beautiful trails to be explored.  Bike, horse, walking, and ATV/ORV trails leave campers with much variety to choose from.


Lake Frederick is also home to the Annual Wagon Wheel Trail Run! For more information on this race please go to